DesignTime is a company of contractors dedicated to meeting customized training and presentation needs.

Our team can work from analysis through evaluation or within specific areas to meet your requirements.

Click on any one of the images to view a short, interactive demonstration.

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Storyboard Sample
Storyboard sample
Train Signal Tutorial
Storyboard sample to show design techniques for Signal System training.
Sample of Pre-Training
Sample of Pre-Training
Fuel Oil Pumps, Nozzels, and Systems
This is to be used as review to get everyone on the same page prior to attending a continuing education class.
Sample of Just-In-Time Training
Sample of Just-In-Time Training
How to use Personal Protective Equipment
Sample tutorial showing interactive presentations and questions.
Prototype for Training Course
Prototype for Training Course
Fatigue Failures
Sample of a design prototype with a final quiz at the end.
Prototype for Mini Course
Prototype for Mini Course
Stay Safe in School
Sample tutorial showing interactive presentations and the difference between embedded practice and final quiz questions.
Sample of Test
Test sample with different question types.
Safety Certification Practice Demo
This is to be used for certification exam preparation. Illustrations and manual references are specific to each question and multiple tries are allowed with scoring.